1996 〜

Used children’s clothes

Put on and sew as much as possible the used children’s clothes collected from
the neighborhood of each performance place.
I did this performance many times at the different places in Japan.

“Zokin Zo” project / ぞうきんぞうプロジェクト

府中市美術館 東京 2004
府中市美術館 東京 2004
BankART1929 横浜
よこはま動物園ズーラシア 横浜

2004 –
Zokin on cloth, cotton, urethan sponge, etc.

Three meters long elephant, a white bear and a giraffe which made of dust cloths was installed in the entrance robby. The cloths were given by ordinary people. In Japanese, ‘Zokin’ means ‘a dust cloth’, and ‘Zo’ means ‘an elephant’.