Life of Mop | モップの生活

Life of Mop
DVD, 12 minutes

Life of Mop | モップの生活
the 2nd Fuchu Biennial 2004 – For the World to come
Mops, photographs, DVD, wood, furniture, etc.
Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo

I think a mop’s life and that of human life is very close to each other.
A mop which is white and bright in the bigining will be soiled
by soaking up many things and give off bad smell.
Sometimes, it is hated more than rubbish and is thrown away.
I found that this process and that of a human’s growth very much alike.
I have been continuing the mop man project in which I perform a big
mop man in recent years.
The project consists of performances, videos, photographs and installations.

モップの生活 the Life of Mop
府中市美術館 東京